One-to-one DSLR Video and Photography Courses

I have been offering training both to beginners and advanced photographers and videographers since 2012. In the past two years I’ve taught close to 300 courses and over 1,000 people both in small groups and individually. While many of my courses are organised by one of London’s best photography schools in our Earlsfield studio, I also offer my full range of courses as a private instructor.

Some of the topics I cover:

  • simplifying and understanding your DSLR, leaving the non-creative fully automatic settings behind for good
  • exercises that will turn you into a photographer who can act fast
  • basic and creative exposure control through manual control of aperture, shutter speed and ISO
  • understanding how your lenses work and mastering auto-focus
  • getting you ready for everyday situations that you really want to master: portraits of children, blurred backgrounds, travel photography, difficult landscapes (bright sun, sunsets, sunrises), shooting sports and wildlife, successful nighttime photography

You’re just starting and want to move beyond automatic settings, take control of your gear and get to enjoy the creative freedom DSLRs offer? I’m here!

Your want to improve your family snapshots and take simply better pictures of your children and grandchildren? I’m here.

You’re going on an exotic holiday and want to make sure that your landscape and street photography will be as good as possible? I’m still here.

Or perhaps you want to delve deeper and wish to understand creative exposure control in depth? To know what your lenses are truly capable of? Experiment with special creative techniques like HDR or photo-stitching? Let’s do it!

I also offer personalised training in HD DSLR videography. Whether you’re an entrepreneur in need of shooting your own business testimonials, a documentary filmmaker embarking on a new project, an actor in need of a new showreel or just someone wanting to get into thinking about moving images in a creative fashion – I’m your guy!

And because shooting is only half the fun, I can train you in using one of the greatest softwares for image editing and organisation: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Or Final Cut Pro in case you want to get into NLE (non-linear editing) and the basics of colour grading.

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Got questions?

To inquire about my availability for 1-to-1 courses and workshops drop me a line here (or write directly to and I’ll get back to you asap.

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Pictures from my photography and video courses