Shooting with Simona Susnea for NFTS

Three rather chilly and intense days on B Camera duty up in Buckinghamshire, shooting James Gardner’s short ‘The Car Washer’ on an Alexa and a Red Epic. Snowy exteriors (beautiful but undesired) and rich interiors in one of the poshest mansions I have ever set foot in. And when I’m not shooting, I am shooting…


Laser Quest – Science and Photography

As super/collider kicks off the International Year of Light, physicist Lia Han will talk about her work with lasers to cool objects to a quantum states (sounds great to any cinematographer!) and will present the images I shot to visualise her science on January 8, 2015. We’ve spent a great day together with Lia last…


Killing My Girl | Grading

‘Killing My Girl‘, a short film that I have shot with director Tasos Giapoutzis has entered the festival circuit and it seems like it’s being shown all over the world. Early on, while still discussing the script we have agreed with Tasos that the film will be black-and-white. But digital is (almost) always originated in…


Shooting Cattle Raid in Ireland

I have just returned from a three-week focus-pulling & 1st AC stunt working on the Irish feature film ‘Cattle Raid’ directed by Liza Bolton and photographed by Marek Polaszewski. As a lighting cameraman you have to always have to ask yourself why you’re going ‘back’ to focus-pulling. It’s the adrenaline rush and the precise technical…


‘Stereotype’ in Nottingham

Just finished shooting ‘Stereotype’ in Nottingham, written and directed by multiple members of the McGibney clan (Luke, Jordan and Becky). Extremely long days, so not much time left for me to do my own behind-the-scenes pics. The short film was shot over four days and nights on the RED Epic in 4K.

Penelope Spencer recording Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

Penelope Spencer and her ensemble recording Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in London. We have started collaborating with Penny on an exciting educational/musical/visual/interdisciplinary initiative: The Four Seasons Project. If it all works out we’ll have school children of various ages shooting video footage that will accompany live performances of the Four Seasons.