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In 2012 I have moved to London where I continue to tell my directors’ stories visually using the extensive experience and broad skillset that I have developed. When I’m not shooting moving images, I take stills. And when I’m not engaged in either, I teach photography and video courses.

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I was born in Budapest, Hungary. I started taking pictures when I was 10. Later on, I first got an M.A. in liberal arts, studying linguistics and cognitive science. At the age of 25 I moved to Prague, where I studied at the M.A. program of the Department of Cinematography at Famu, one of the best schools for my field in Europe.

Being a DOP is my dream job: it brings together two aspects of life that are important to me. On the one hand, telling stories and talking about emotions with images and lights and on the other hand, a craft that is deeply scientific and logical at its core.


L1GHTB1TES is a project I started in 2012. I love blogging and I love photography so I brought the two together.

Every week or so I pick a picture that somehow touches me and I talk to its author about that particular image and about photography in general.